Trap the Tiger

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How To Play: Trap the Tiger

Using Mouse

About Trap the Tiger

If you’ve ever faced a tiger, you’ll know that they are very dangerous. They can come out of the jungle and appear right before you. You not only have to avoid them but also shoot accurately to defeat them. In this game, you have to trap a tiger so it will stay in your cage and not attack people or other animals. But how do you trap a tiger? You might think that there is nothing you can do to stop one in real life, but that's not true! In this game, you will learn different ways how to catch a tiger and keep it in your cage. Whether that be shooting the animal in the head or using different traps such as ladders and nets, equipping yourself with the best equipment is essential for this task at hand.

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Do you like to catch it? If so, Tiger the lynx is your new best friend. This adorable lynx is an effective cacher and will make you look like a pro if you trap him in your game. Trap The Tiger is a puzzle game where you have to guide the falling pieces into their proper spots by making use of a timer. Use your logic and problem-solving skills to help Tiger find his way out of the hole he's gotten himself into.