Kitty Chase

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How To Play: Kitty Chase

Using Mouse

About Kitty Chase

The first html5 game I ever programmed was a simple maze game. It was a lot of fun to create because it involved using my new programming skills to implement some original elements into an existing game. Way back when, there weren’t that many websites that supported HTML5 games, and they were all rather basic. Nowadays, every website — big or small — is expected to have games, flash games in particular. This is just the way the world has moved on over the past few years. Not only have we become accustomed to playing games on our computers and mobile devices, but we are also becoming more accepting of them as part of our online identities. On top of that, there is a growing movement towards creating games for all ages, and not just children anymore. So whether you are looking for a casual game to play with your friends at home or a high-quality competitive gaming Platform — HTML5Games offers everything you need from tutorials and playlists to reviews and resources. You will also find plenty of inspiration from other HTML5 enthusiasts who have already successfully created great

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Kitty Chase is a casual game where you have to catch the stars by jumping on the right platforms. The game has 5 different levels and a difficulty option. You can play against the computer or with other players via Game Center or Apple App Store. It's a simple, cute and fun game for all