Cat Rolling

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How To Play: Cat Rolling

Using Mouse

About Cat Rolling

Are you looking for a fun and addictive puzzle game with a unique twist? Do you love rolling rolling collecting satisfying rewards? If so, then this game is just for you! CAT ROLLING is an icy-as-ice-box puzzle game where the objective is to roll your cat as far as possible along a pre-determined path. Once you start playing, you won’t be able to put it down. Roll your mouse cursor over the cat symbols on the puzzle grid to roll it, collect points for your roll and avoid obstacles – it’s that simple! The catch? You only have 7 lives in order to successfully complete each level. Have no fear though, you can always play through again until you reach the final stage. With enough determination and skill, anything is

This game is great and all, but sometimes you just need to get your hands on some catnip. That’s where the endless cat rolling puzzle comes in. When you first start playing, it’s easy enough. You have to roll a series of colored dots that form geometric shapes. But as the game goes on, it gets more complicated and challenging. You have to roll the balls so that they hit a certain target number or make sure that no other balls collide with them. The longer you play, the more difficult the game becomes. Can you master this mind-bending

Good luck finding a better game to keep you entertained than rolling a cat! The classic is back with an all new app for your iPhone and iPad. Other than being a great source of stress relief, rolling a cat is also very amusing. You can roll the cat anywhere and anytime. You just need to use this awesome and fun application as a guide. This simple yet challenging game has you rolling virtual cats everywhere you go. Only one cat will be left standing at the end of the round. Have fun rolling and clicking your way to