Trap the mouse

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How To Play: Trap the mouse

Click the mouse to stop moving in that direction.

About Trap the mouse

For all ages, this a fun game
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What draws people to trap the mouse?
You must capture the mouse and keep it from escaping in order to catch it. You set up pillars to enclose the mouse in a trap. The mouse will move each time you construct a pillar. To catch the mouse, you must properly organize your pillars.

This is a strategy game that is harder than it appears to be, despite being substantially too simple. Your objective is to construct three block barriers around the mouse. Limit your clicking and don't let the mouse leave the board.

All of your cheese has been devoured by the mischievous little mouse. Outraged, you made the decision to apprehend the thief and exact some tasty retribution. Your goal in this game is to catch the mouse before it flees. The mouse will remain in the center of a huge mat made up of numerous hexagonal tiles and pillars when the game first begins. The mouse will travel to a nearby tile each time you click one of the empty tiles to install a pillar.

The mouse will travel to a nearby tile each time you click one of the empty tiles to install a pillar. Up until the mouse is caught, repeat the operation. Keep in mind that failing to complete your task before the mouse leaves the mat will result in defeat. Starting with 20,000 points, as indicated in the top left corner of the screen, the game is yours to play. A pillar will subtract 50 points from your score each time it is placed on the mat. Can you create an impenetrable trap?