Circle The Cat

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How To Play: Circle The Cat

Using Mouse

About Circle The Cat

Circle The Cat is a well-known and simple puzzle game. Similar to the well-known game Trap The Cat, this one captivates players all over the world with the same gameplay and regulations. The player's opponent in this game is a cunning black cat. Because he is smarter than you think, don't undervalue your opponent.

The cat initially remained in the center of the board, which was encircled by countless dots (or circle boxes). When the player clicks the dot to make a cage, he will move. Your goal is to stop the cat from jumping out of the barrier as he tries to get out. You will lose once he successfully escapes the cage. Although the game is challenging, you must apply a smart approach to win.

This game is appropriate for players of all ages due to its easy rules and gameplay. Regardless of who you are, Circle The Cat is suggested if you're seeking a cerebral game.

The gameplay is really simple to control. To create a wall that keeps the cat from jumping out, all you have to do is click on the unmarked dots.

Try to keep the cat away from the board's edge. To make the selected dots darker, click the left mouse button.